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  • April Parrott

Video Contest - Your Child gets to be the Teacher!

Hi! Happy Fall!

I am very excited to announce the CCHappyMom “Show & Tell” Video Contest, where your child gets to be the Teacher!

Most of us will not get the chance to travel the world to actually see the Geography locations that we have been studying, so this will be a fun way to share with other families the interesting locations that you may see every day!

My 3 children will choose their 3 favorite videos (OR 3 per region if we have a great number of entries!), and those families will receive a CCHappyMom Geography Songs CD, DVD, or mp3 download for the cycle of their choice!

Next, I will compile the videos by region to post to YouTube! You could be featured on the CCHappyMom YouTube channel!

Simply record a 20 to 30 second video of yourself in front of a landmark or something special where you live! It could be your state’s capital, a significant river or mountain, a CC Geography feature, or even something related to an important History fact!

In your video::::...

· State your first name, (or names! You are welcome to record the video with siblings or friends, just make sure that we can hear you clearly!)