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  • April Parrott

10 tips on how to make your geography studies fun!

Our big world is wonderful and wonderfully made! Have you conveyed that level of enthusiasm to your students? I sure hope so! Don't waste another second! Dive right in to immerse yourself in the vast ocean of geography fun, using these 10 simple tips!

Over the next few weeks, expanding on one tip per week, I will share with you the detailed suggestions for infusing excitement into your geography studies. For now, take a look at these simple tips to peak your interest and intrigue your student!

1. STORIES! Guide your student into funny, mysterious, and moving stories about children and families who live in other parts of the world. Suggestions to follow...

2. SPIN A GLOBE! Bestow a sense of wonder in your child as you observe the countries from a birds-eye view. So much to suggest about this one...coming soon!

3. RELATIONS! How does the location and physical geography of each country affect its relationships with other countries in the world?