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PLEASE NOTE:  The 5th Edition songs for the 3rd Cycle, US Geography, are almost the same as the 4th Edition songs!  There is one entirely new song for the Great Lakes, (with a new harmony bonus track!) one updated song for Prominent Features, and several "week name" changes.  I did NOT totally change the first song to add in Washington, DC, as I felt it ruined the song, which was already long, and was easy to find!  (Washington, DC, by Maryland you see, and Virginia in the Land of the Free!  clap clap!)


If you already have the 4th Edition US Geography songs, you may consider ordering only the new Great Lakes song, which will be available soon.


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"I just wanted to let you know... We. Love. Your. MP3. Great job! It's very good quality and very thoughtful to have the sound track feature. It really adds value to our homeschool.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Celina from Alabama

Comments on the US Geography Songs:


"I am so pleased to have received all these amazingly beautiful songs!


Thanks a million for your gift of creativity! My classroom is so much more fun because of you!"


Robyn from South Carolina