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  • April Parrott

Are you using your car time wisely? Here's how you can be learning as you roll!

Raise your hand if you have ever felt like you were "carschooling" rather than homeschooling! My hand is up!! Library time, ballet, soccer practice, piano lessons, swim practice, co-op, CBS, and trips to visit family, just to name a few commitments that have dominated the "have to" category over the last few years for our family.

"Bring your math book!" is unfortunately heard just as often as, "Snuggle right here next to me on the couch!" My early Charlotte Mason dreams of gentle, organic homeschooling still live on in my mind, even as I throw our bags into the minivan and watch to make sure everyone is inside before slugging the door shut.

If you haven't already discovered the secret of whole-family, productive, and fun car time, it is time to reclaim those miles!

1. Ask good questions! No "yes" or "no" responses allowed. Ask your kids what they liked best about breakfast. Ask them what they are looking forward to about the activity that you are driving towards. Ask them what surprised them most in their history lesson this morning. Ask them what family traditions do they most look forward to about an upcoming holiday. Their answers may surprise you!