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Pack of 4 CDs - US Geography Songs!

Pack of 4 CDs - US Geography Songs!

SKU: 364115376135191

This value pack of 4 CDs is designed to make gift-giving easy, affordable, and fun!  Just in time for Christmas and End-of-the-Semester Parties.  Purchase all 4 CDs at a discount!


The US Geography Songs CD contains 44 tracks for you to sing and learn! 


The first 21 tracks are directly from the CCHappyMom songs featured on YouTube, sung without interruption!    Songs include all 50 states and capitals, most of the major US Mountains, significant US Bays, Rivers, Trails, and Canals, in addition to US Territories, Deserts, and other significant features!


SPECIAL FEATURES:  The next 15 tracks include several of the same songs from above, but this time with either two voices singing in harmony OR one voice with a piano accompaniment!  The final 8 tracks present only the piano accompaniment for YOU to sing along, on your own!  You can do it!


LYRICS:  The words to each of the songs will be included on the CD insert!  Sing along with us!


    If you experience a faulty CD, please mail it back, within 30 days, in the same packaging that was used.  (Buyer pays return shipping, which will be refunded, once the CD has been reviewed.) At your direction, we will either promptly refund your money, including the original shipping costs, or replace the CD (at no extra charge to you). 


    CDs that have been scratched due to regular wear and tear or use will not be refunded. 


    Shipping for this pack of 4 CDs will be $6, in a priority mail box.  If you would like to order additional items, simply add $1 for each extra item. 


    I will do my best to mail these quickly, as I know that many of them will be intended as gifts!

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