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Mp3 Download - US Geography Songs, 4th Edition

Mp3 Download - US Geography Songs, 4th Edition

SKU: 364215376135191

The US Geography Songs mp3 download contains 44 tracks for you to sing and learn! 


PLEASE NOTE:   In order to access this download, please click on the bright green, rectangular "MP3" button just above the listing on the previous page.  You will be able to pay through that button and have access to your songs!  (You will not have purchased your songs until you pay through the bright green "Click Here" button, on the previous page.)  If you have trouble downloading directly to a phone, please try downloading from a computer - That may work more quickly!


The first 21 tracks are directly from the CCHappyMom songs featured on YouTube, sung without interruption!    Songs include all 50 states and capitals, most of the major US Mountains, significant US Bays, Rivers, Trails, and Canals, in addition to US Territories, Deserts, and other significant features!


SPECIAL FEATURES:  The next 15 tracks include several of the same songs from above, but this time with either two voices singing in harmony OR one voice with a piano accompaniment!  The final 8 tracks present only the piano accompaniment for YOU to sing along, on your own!  You can do it!


LYRICS: The words to each song will be included in the download for you to print out, if you would like to sing along!


    Due to the nature of the downloads, refunds should not be needed. 


    Please let us know if you have technical ussues, and we will do our best to help you access your information!


    Mp3 downloads can be accessed through this site.  As soon as you have paid through the red, rectangular button, below, you should be able to access your songs.  No shipping costs!

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