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DVD - US Geography Songs Videos, 4th Edition

DVD - US Geography Songs Videos, 4th Edition

SKU: 364215375135191

Giving you the educational songs from YouTube, with the ease of a "Play All" button for all of the US Geography Songs and the convenience of having all of the videos in one place, anywhere that you are!  The DVD includes 21 songs, including 3 that have not yet been uploaded to YouTube.


    If you experience a faulty DVD, please mail it back, within 30 days, in the same packaging that was used.  (Buyer pays return shipping, which will be refunded, once the DVD has been reviewed.) At your direction, we will either promptly refund your money, including the original shipping costs, or replace the DVD (at no extra charge to you). 


    DVDs that have been scratched due to regular wear and tear or use will not be refunded. 


    Shipping for one DVD is $3.90.  Combined shipping, including combining with CDs, will add only $1 to $1.50 per additional item.

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