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4-Pack CD Ancient Geography Songs

4-Pack CD Ancient Geography Songs

This value pack of 4 CDs is designed to make gift-giving easy, affordable, and fun!  Just in time for the beginning of the school year! Purchase all 4 CDs at a discount!


The US Geography Songs CD contains 44 tracks for you to sing and learn!   Corresponds with Classical Conversations Fifth Edition!


The first 24 tracks are directly from the CCHappyMom songs featured on YouTube, sung without interruption!    Songs include significant geography locations in Asia, Africa, North, South, and Central America.


SPECIAL FEATURES:  The next 24 tracks include several of the same songs from above, but this time with either two voices singing in harmony OR one voice with a piano accompaniment!  The final 8 tracks present only the piano accompaniment for YOU to sing along, on your own!  You can do it!


LYRICS:  The words to each of the songs will be included on the CD inserts!  Sing along with us!


    Shipping is $8 for the pack of 4!

CCHM Final Ancient Geo Songs Insta.png
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